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UI IT Modernization

Overview of UI IT Modernization

States rely heavily on Information Technology (IT) to accomplish their basic mission of collecting state UI taxes, processing UI claims and paying benefits. These UI IT systems were developed by states in the 1970s and 1980s, and many are still in use today. There is an urgent need to modernize them, however due to the high price tag (billions of dollars) and the uncertainty of success it is unlikely that states can continue to develop customized single state UI Benefit and Tax systems.

The Members-Only Section provides states an overview of UI systems throughout the nation and several resources that are available to assist states with UI IT modernization projects.

​UI IT Modernization Resources and Tools​​​




A collection of UI IT Mod project information from across the nation including best practices and lessons learned.
An inventory of state UI IT systems conducted in 2010.  Results showing the age of syst​ems and maj​or issues.
A collaborate environment for state project teams to interact with each other and share information during an IT project lifecycle.​

Tools that empowers teams to define, manage and report on requirements in a lifecycle development project.
Guidelines from BLS for extracting UI data from UI systems for LMI. Includes information on data extracts such as QCEW and LAUS. 

Status of State Unemployment Insurance
Information Technology Modernization Projects

Status of State UI IT Modernization Projects | Updated: October 2020

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