SUTA Data Dumping Detection System (SDDS)


What is SDDS?

SDDS is a web based SQL Server database tool developed for UI Tax staff and attorneys to aid in the analysis of employer UI Tax account information and employee movement across different UI employer accounts. ITSC provides maintenance support for SDDS. This support will provide your staff with technical help and assistance on installing, setting up and operating the SDDS application developed by ITSC. Bugs or defects arising in the operation of the SDDS application in your state can also be addressed to the SDDS support team for help.

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Maintenance and Support

ITSC has support contracts with states using SDDS and is actively engaged in support activities. For more detailed information on SDDS and to access the Support Site, please log in to the Members-Only Section. If you do not have access or would like information on SDDS support, contact ITSC Product Manager John Quichocho at (202) 650-5165 or